Acreditation and Journalistic Coverage for the Amazon Synod

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acreditacion sala prensa vaticana

During the course of the Synod there will be press conferences and daily press briefings. These will take place in the Press Office of the Holy See, which is situated in Via della Conciliazione, 54.

Any journalist who intends to participate in the press conferences and/or interviews must be accredited by the Press Office of the Holy See.

If you are a journalist or media operator please visit the link below for all the LOGISTICAL INFORMATION (important to read it all)


In addition here you have the direct access to the Press Office of the Holy See:


Please remind that any journalist who would like to interview a Synodal Father or any other participant in the Synod, is free to do so by making private arrangements directly with the proposed interviewee.

The accredited journalist may also send an e-mail with an interview request to addressed directly to the Synodal Father in question or other Synodal participant. The Secretariat of the Synod will then ensure that the request for the interview goes to the intended recipient. It will then be the responsibility of the proposed interviewee to reply if they are able to and if they are available for interview to then make suitable arrangements for the personal interview outside the Paul VI Hall.